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Try our new facial kit ranges

The Collagen for Anti Aging – high on vit C count which is essential for the synthesis of collagen (which is a protein found in the skin), and is a great anti oxidant which helps to reduce skin damage caused by free radicals thereby delaying the ageing process. As aging occurs collagen does not reproduce as quickly leadig to wrinkles and dull skin.

The Panchtatva facial kit  which is
the ayurveda kit. it is a detoxing, distressing, toning, complection enhanced and protection kit. it is a herbal mix made of 5 different herbs which is based on an acient recipe of treating skin with 5 tatvas of ayurdeva.


Exquisite eyes

  • Start with the brightest color and cover the entire eyelid, all the way up to the eyebrow and around the inner corner of the eye.
  • Then take the middle shade and apply it right beside the inner corner, through the middle of the eyelid and all the way to the outer end. Make sure you get a discreet transition between the colors.
  • Finally, apply the darkest of the three colors to the middle of the eyelid and let it go outside the eyelid and upwards in a triangular shape.
  • Once you have done this, apply some eyeliner (liquid or firm) right above the eyelashes. Also draw a thin line inside the lower eyelashes with your eyeliner pencil. If you find it hard to apply firm eyeliner on top of the eyeshadow then use the liquid eyeliner
  • Lastly,  put some dark eyeshadow below the lower eyelashes to meet up with the eyeliner on the upper lid.
  • Once u have completed with the eye apply the mascara. It will give you an even more stunning result

Weight control, Packed with energy, Lower risk of developing heart diseases, Fruits help in slowing down the aging process

How can you incorporate fruits into your diet?

  • Add dried pieces of fruit to your breakfast cereal
  • Make fruit salads, and then refrigerate them
  • Eat apples, bananas, pears, grape fruit or any other seasonal fruit before you go out
  • Drink fruit juices instead of sodas, but always try to make fresh fruit juice.